May 2, 2016

Why Early Childhood Education is the Answer

Recently, I was asked by concerned community members to explain why people keep saying that early childhood education is the answer to issues we are facing. Why did Dr. Robert Putnam cite early childhood as a go-to solution? The proof is nearly a half century in the making. Famous studies from High/Scope Perry Preschool project, Abecedarian Preschool in North Carolina, the Chicago Child Parent Center project were the subject of the Federal Reserve’s report on the return on a preschool investment. What they found was investment in early care and education yields extraordinary public returns.

June 11, 2014

Every Child Promise Preschool Scholarship Application

If you are interested in your child attending preschool in the fall, 2018 and would like to apply for a partial scholarship, please download,download here complete and return the application at your earliest convenience. ECP is reviewing applications and will make contact with families to discuss potential providers that would meet your family’s and child’s needs. Applications can be emailed to or by faxing them to (417) 888-2322. You can also mail the application to: Every Child Promise, 330 N. Jefferson Ave., Springfield, MO 65806.

September 14, 2013

Lifelines for Poor Children

What’s missing in the current debate over economic inequality is enough serious discussion about investing in effective early childhood development from birth to age 5. This is not a big government boondoggle policy that would require a huge redistribution of wealth. Acting on it would, however, require us to rethink long-held notions of how we develop productive people and promote shared prosperity.